Mission Statement

De Corporate Communications Community heeft voor zichzelf een visie vastgelegd, de missie van 3C en de waarden die moeten gerespecteerd worden.

Vision 3C

Ever more companies understand that they have to build a continuous dialogue with a wide variety of stakeholders, from present and future employees, to financial stakeholders, to business partners and clients, the government, the community in which they operate, to the public in general.

Now and in the future, people will be more inclined to do business with companies they respect and to work for companies they admire. As a result, corporate communications will more and more be of strategic importance for companies, supporting business development in different ways: from internal change management to attracting new employees, to reputation management.

Mission 3C

3C, the Belgian Corporate Communications Community, represents and serves the interests of people working in the field of corporate communications.

Internally we want to strengthen the overall professional quality in our field through offering corporate communications professionals a social network and a platform for knowledge sharing, advice and support.

Externally, to the business world and the general public, we want to clarify the importance of corporate communications in today’s business environment and to give corporate communications the credibility it deserves.

Values 3C

  • Respect:  Respect is something you have to earn; it is the outcome of your actions. At the same time respect is vital if you want new ideas to blossom.
  • Openness: Each project is a learning opportunity. Wide angle perspective, always open to think out-of-the box. Engaging and enduring.
  • Solidarity (alliance with group): We support each other, sharing experiences and building expertise. It’s good to know you can always build on one another. A committed relationship must be based on mutual trust, on give and take.
  • Reciprocity (dialogue): It’s about players who need each other in a pure and open relation. You need to be receptive to other people’s ideas and have the passion to share your own.

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